Water is Everyone's Business

From Jeff Forester, Executive Director of Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates (MLR)

Often, when I give presentations on Aquatic Invasive Species someone says, "We can't stop it. It is only a matter of time."  Or they say, "We can't stop it and it won't be that bad. The Scientists will find a solution anyway."

Well here is one of the world's leading scientists working in aquatic invasive species, and he debunks all of those false ideas in the video below.

I wanted to share an episode of a Water is Everyone's Business by the Rice Creek Watershed District in which Dr. Peter Sorensen, the top aquatic invasive species scientist in the state (his research was key to solving the sea lamprey crisis in the Great Lakes,) takes on these issues directly and explores them in great detail.

As for the idea that we cannot stop the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species, he says, "It's our responsibility and our obligation.... We brought these things here and without much effort, we can stop it."

He discusses aquatic invasive threats on the horizon, gives examples of where and how AIS has been stopped, and explains the solutions for Minnesota.

It is a well produced informative video. Please forward this to anyone you know who has an interest in Aquatic Invasive Species and wants to have healthy lakes.

The Rice Creek Watershed District is producing a series of these informative and entertaining videos around lake issues, and we will continue to get them out to you as they become available. Thank you for your advocacy. Thank you for your support.

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Jeff Forester
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Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates (MLR)
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